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NECA Unveils Exclusive TMNT 3 Movie Samurai Turtles Box Set

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NECA, the renowned toy company, has made an exciting announcement regarding a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive reveal. During a special episode of Toy Anxiety (YHSPodcast), NECA showcased a teaser image for their upcoming product. Trevor from NECA joined the podcast to discuss the highly anticipated release.

Neca TMNT 3 Movie Samurai Turtles Box Set

The reveal revolves around a four-pack box set featuring Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) characters from the third movie. The set focuses on the Samurai Turtles, introducing all-new sculpts. Each turtle is dressed in their samurai armor from the third movie.

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Neca TMNT 3 Movie Samurai Turtles Box Set

The TMNT Samurai Turtles box set will come loaded with accessories, ensuring an immersive play/display experience for fans and collectors. NECA's attention to detail is evident, with sculptor Brody Perkins capturing the unique features of the movie costumes, including the deep eye holes beneath the masks.

Neca TMNT 3 Movie Samurai Turtles Box Set

The packaging of the box set maintains the nostalgic VHS style, similar to NECA's previous TMNT releases. The box design mimics the old yellow VHS tape cover from the 90s. The box insert features the Kappa scroll, adding an additional visual element reminiscent of the movie.

Neca TMNT 3 Movie Samurai Turtles Box Set

NECA plans to release more images and assets as the launch date approaches. As well as other reveals for more exclusives. By staying tuned to NECA's social media channels and announcements, fans can keep up with the latest updates and information.


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