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Power Rangers/Ninja Turtles II Crossover: Issue 4 Released This Week

The highly anticipated fourth issue of the Ninja Turtles/Power Rangers crossover comic book series was released this week, continuing the thrilling story that has captured the imagination of fans since its debut.

Written by Ryan Parrott and illustrated by Dan Mora, the series has brought together two of the most iconic franchises in pop culture history, delivering an epic tale of heroism, teamwork, and adventure.

In issue 4, the Mutant Rangers find themselves in a precarious situation, facing old foes and unfamiliar monsters in Dimension X. However, a familiar mentor arrives with new allies, giving the Mutant Rangers a fighting chance to turn the tide of the battle.

But victory may not be certain, as the Mutant Rangers' worst enemy makes an appearance in a new monstrous form, setting the stage for an action-packed and suspenseful issue.

As always, Ryan Parrott delivers a masterful script that balances humor, drama, and action in equal measure, while Dan Mora's artwork is a feast for the eyes, with dynamic action sequences and detailed character designs that bring the story to life.

Issue 4 of the Ninja Turtles/Power Rangers crossover comic book series is a must-read for fans of both franchises, delivering all the excitement and thrills that fans have come to expect from this epic crossover event. With one more issue left in the series, fans can't wait to see how the story concludes and what surprises Ryan Parrott and Dan Mora have in store for them.


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