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LA Balloons Reveals TMNT Mutant Mayhem Movie Balloons

LA Balloons, a wholesale balloons distributor based in Los Angeles, has recently revealed their new line of balloons inspired by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise. These balloons feature characters and imagery from the upcoming "TMNT Mutant Mayhem" movie and are perfect for adding a fun touch to any party or event.

tmnt mutant mayhem party balloons

One of the balloons is an 18-inch round Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle foil mylar balloon that features Donatello, Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael. This balloon is designed to be part of a balloon bouquet and can be paired with other Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle balloons for a cohesive design.

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The second balloon is a 32-inch uniquely shaped Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle - Leonardo foil mylar balloon. This balloon features Leonardo and is also designed to be part of a balloon bouquet.

tmnt mutant mayhem party balloons

Both balloons come with a self-sealing valve to prevent gas from escaping after they're inflated, and they can be inflated with helium or a balloon air inflator. It's important to note that the balloons arrive uninflated and will need to be inflated before use.

tmnt mutant mayhem party balloons

While these balloons are currently displayed as out of stock, they are expected to come online very soon.


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