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Loyal Subjects IDW Comics Ninja Turtles Figures!

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The Loyal Subjects IDW Comics Ninja Turtles figures have become available for pre-order on Entertainment Earth! These appear to be the non-Comic Con versions. Check out the links below!


IDW Comics Ninja Turtles figures have become the talk of the town for TMNT fans and collectors. These exclusive figures, produced by The Loyal Subjects, recently sold out quickly as Comic-Con exclusives. They mark the first time the IDW comic book versions of the Ninja Turtles have been turned into action figures.

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The figures, standing at five inches tall, are based on the artwork of Mateus Santaluco, the talented artist associated with the IDW Comics Turtles. Santaluco also designed the packaging art for these figures, adding a nice touch of consistency.

Preorders were available as a four-pack featuring all four turtles or as individual figures, giving fans options. However, these figures are extremely limited, with only a thousand sets being produced. If you missed out on the preorders, keep an eye on secondary markets as they may appear around August 2023, when the figures are expected to be released.

For TMNT enthusiasts, these IDW Comics Ninja Turtles figures are a must-have. Stay tuned and be ready to grab a piece of turtle-powered history featuring Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael. These figures offer a unique opportunity to bring your favorite turtle heroes to life in your collection.

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