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Mutant Mayhem: Mattel's TMNT Plush Toys

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The TMNT Mutant Mayhem Plushies can now be found on Amazon. Check out the links below:


Mattel has unveiled their Mutant Mayhem plush toys on their website, featuring our beloved heroes in a compact and adorable form. These eight-inch plushies, designed after the upcoming TMNT Mutant Mayhem movie, sport big heads and little bodies, capturing the essence of the turtles in an irresistibly cute way.

With each turtle boasting a slightly different shade of green, collectors can complete their set with Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael. These plush toys have also been spotted at Target stores, making it convenient for fans to grab their favorite turtle companion.

If you're a TMNT fan or in search of a delightful gift, the Mutant Mayhem plush toys are a must-have. Visit the official website of Mattel and Target stores to explore pricing, availability, and other relevant details before making your purchase.

Credit to @zimmerltw for highlighting this news story.


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