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Neca Last Ronin Karai & Raphael Action Figures Coming Soon?

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The Neca Last Ronin Karai & Raphael Action Figures now appear to be available for pre-order on Entertainment Earth. Check out the links below:


Exciting news for fans of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and action figure collectors alike! According to a recent article in ToyCollectr magazine, a Karai Raphael 2-pack action figure set based on their appearance in the popular comic book storyline, The Last Ronin, is on the way.

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Neca Last Ronin Karai Raphael 2-Pack Action Figure Set

The Last Ronin follows the story of the last surviving turtle in a post-apocalyptic future, seeking revenge against the Foot Clan for the deaths of his brothers. Raphael is shown heavily injured, with arrows protruding from his body, in his confrontation with Karai. This is identical to how they looked in the comic.

It is not yet clear when the set will be released.

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