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New Mutant Mayhem Figures Unveiled at Volcanita Room Showroom!

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TMNT Mutant Mayhem Mutant XL figures

Volcanita, an action figure distributor based in Argentina, has unveiled some exciting additions to their Mutant Mayhem line. In a recent video tour of the Volcanita Room showroom by the YouTube channel "Back to the Toys," viewers got a sneak peek at these upcoming Mutant Mayhem movie figures. Let's dive right in and explore what's in store!

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New Mutant Mayhem Figures Unveiled at Volcanita Room Showroom!

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We got a look at 2 new Mutant Mayhem lines we hadn't seen before. The Mutant XL Turtles figures are larger versions of the beloved heroes in a half shell, while the Making of a Ninja Three Pack features glow-in-the-dark figures of a baby turtle, toddler turtle, and a full-grown Ninja Turtle. We had seen the packaging for the Making of a Ninja figures before. But this is the first time we got a look at the figures themselves. The turtles look like the regular action figures but the glow in the dark texture of the plastic gives them a slightly different, translucent look. Although it's uncertain if these figures will be released in the United States, fans can eagerly await updates on their availability.

New Mutant Mayhem Figures Unveiled at Volcanita Room Showroom!

Volcanita's Mutant Mayhem figures offer new collectible options for action figure enthusiasts. Stay tuned for further updates and keep an eye out for these exciting additions to the Mutant Mayhem line that might soon be a part of your collection!

Credit to Zimmer (ジマー) for highlighting this news story.


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