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Neca Ninja Turtles Movie Three Box Set Revealed!

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Exciting news for Ninja Turtles fans! Toy Anxiety, a popular YouTube channel, recently shared a sneak peek of an upcoming Comic-Con exclusive Ninja Turtles Movie Three box set. While they couldn't show the figures, they revealed the box, offering a tantalizing glimpse of what's to come.

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Ninja Turtles Movie Three Box Set Revealed!

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Designed in homage to the third movie's VHS cover, the box prominently features the Turtles on the front, building anticipation for the action figures concealed within. A teaser on the back suggests that the Turtles will be showcased in samurai armor, promising a faithful adaptation of the movie 3 turtles.

Ninja Turtles Movie Three Box Set Revealed!

Stay tuned for further updates and a comprehensive breakdown of these figures once they are fully revealed.

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