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Snap Design' TMNT Mecha Line Expands with Mecha Michelangelo

Snap Design has recently revealed the latest addition to their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mecha line, with the introduction of Mecha Michelangelo. Following on from the previously released Mecha Leonardo figure, Mecha Michelangelo is set to make a big impact with his impressive array of features.

Snap Design TMNT  Mecha Michelangelo

While concept art of the Mecha Michelangelo figure was shown in 2021, this recent reveal is the first time we get to see the figure in all its glory. If like the previous Leonardo figure, the figure will stand around 9 inches tall and includes light-up LED eyes, as well as die-cast metal parts. But it's the addition of blasters and missiles attached to his arms and back that really sets this figure apart. Fans of the TMNT franchise will be excited to see Michelangelo's signature nunchucks transformed into high-tech weaponry, making this Mecha figure a must-have for any collector.

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Snap Design revealed an image of Mecha Michelangelo on their Twitter account, showing off his impressive new look with a caption that has been roughly translated to: The figure will be exhibited at the Firefly Animation and Game Carnival on May 1, alongside three other products from the Mecha Ninja Turtles line.


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