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Super7 Adds Deadly Karai Figure to TMNT ULTIMATES! Lineup

Super7 has made an exciting announcement for TMNT collectors, adding a new figure to their ULTIMATES! line. The Karai figure, based on the female ninja character from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise, is now available for pre-order as part of the ULTIMATES! Wave 10 collection. This highly detailed and articulated 7-inch scale figure comes with multiple interchangeable heads and hands, along with a range of bladed weapons, a compound bow and arrows, and throwing stars.

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However, this announcement also came with an update on the previously announced Rat King figure, which was met with disappointment from fans. In response, Super7 has decided to replace Rat King with Karai in the Wave 10 collection. But, fans can still look forward to a new and improved version of Rat King, which will be included in the upcoming ULTIMATES! Wave 11 collection.

The following is a list of accessories that comes with the new Karai figure:


3x Interchangeable Heads

1x Headband Head

1x Masked head

1x Foot Clan Leader Head

10x Interchangeable Hands

2x Fist Hands

2x Gripping Hands (Vertical)

2x Gripping Hands (Horizontal)

2x Bow Firing Hands

2x Chop Hands

1x Wired Soft Goods Scarf

1x Katana

1x Kama

1x Punch Dagger

1x Kusarigama with steel chain

2x Throwing Stars

3x Arrows

1x Compound Bow

The Karai figure is currently available for pre-order and are priced at $55.00, and is expected to be released in Winter 2023.


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