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NECA Teases New April Figure from "The Lost Years" Comic with Toddler Turtle Hint

NECA, a company known for producing high-quality Ninja Turtles action figures, recently announced that they are continuing their #AprilsAprilTakeover event with the reveal of their upcoming new April Figure from the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Last Ronin: Lost Years" Comic series.

neca april ninja turtles the last ronin lost years figure

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In an Instagram post by NECA, they said, "We're back for more #AprilsAprilTakeover on this sunny #TurtleTuesday! (Your weather mileage may vary.) Time rolls on for everyone, and before you know it all your joints hurt and some kid is calling you Grammy. Yi, is that you? This upcoming rendition of April is based on "The Lost Years" comic and will be an all-new sculpt with plenty of accessories. More details to come soon - see you next week for another reveal!"

neca april ninja turtles the last ronin lost years figure

The teaser image released by NECA depicts April O'Neil with Yi, one of the new toddler turtles introduced in the comic. This has led to speculation that NECA may also release figures of the four toddler turtles raised by April and Casey Jones' daughter. Fans of the Ninja Turtles franchise are eagerly awaiting for more details. We will cover them as they come.


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