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NECA Teases New Figure - April the 5th Turtle from Archie Comics

NECA, the popular manufacturer of action figures, has recently teased the release of a new figure based on April, when she became a 5th ninja turtle in the Archie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics. The news was announced on NECA's official Instagram account on April 11, 2023, as part of their weekly #TurtleTuesday event.

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The post stated that the new figure will be an all-new sculpt with plenty of details from the comic, making it an exciting addition to any collector's shelf. The post also hinted that fans of the Winter Special issue of the (Archie) TMNT Adventures comics will be able to recognize some of the special edition accessories that come with the figure.

In the Archie Comics version of the TMNT, April O'Neil was transformed into a ninja turtle after investigating a company she had heard about. She was caught and accidentally exposed to the same mutagen that had turned the turtles into mutants. April then gained the same physical characteristics as the turtles, including green skin and a shell. April returned to her human form at the end of the story, her brief stint as a ninja turtle has remained a notable moment in TMNT comic book history.

NECA has a reputation for creating high-quality and detailed action figures, and the upcoming April figure is expected to live up to these standards. With the company teasing more details to come, fans are eagerly anticipating the release of the figure and hoping for a closer look at the accessories and design.

NECA's announcement of the new April figure is exciting news for TMNT fans and action figure collectors alike. The company's commitment to creating an all-new sculpt with plenty of details from the comics shows their dedication to the franchise and its fans. As more details are released, fans can look forward to adding this unique and memorable version of April to their collections.


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