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Original TMNT Team Shown in 'The Last Ronin: Lost Day Special' Teaser

TMNT The Last Ronin: Lost Day Special

Tom Waltz, the writer of "TMNT The Last Ronin: Lost Day Special," recently shared a teaser image featuring a flashback of the original Ninja Turtles and Casey Jones battling the Purple Dragons. The 40-page special is set in the same universe as "The Last Ronin" and features a new team of turtles. The release of the flashback teaser image has sparked excitement and speculation among fans.

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The flashback scene of the original TMNT team and Casey Jones battling the Purple Dragons in the "TMNT The Last Ronin: Lost Day Special" teaser image appears to continue the trend of fleshing out the history of this Last Ronin world. "The Last Ronin" title has consistently explored the backstory of this universe. These flashbacks not only add depth to the narrative but also provide fans with a nostalgic look at the beloved characters from the franchise while introducing them to the new team of turtles in the present. It will be interesting to see how this flashback connects to the present-day story of the new team of Ninja Turtles and how it shapes their journey.


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