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New Super7 TMNT Action Figures Unveiled for Wave 10 Release

Photos of a new wave of Super7 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) action figures have made their way online. The Wave 10 collection features four highly detailed figures: Casey Jones (Mirage), Classic Rocker Leo, Rat King, and Ninja April.

The Casey Jones (Mirage) figure is based on the popular Mirage Comics version of the character. The figure is expected to have a high level of detail, with attention paid to Jones' iconic hockey mask and arsenal of weapons.

The Classic Rocker Leo figure is a unique addition to the TMNT action figure line, featuring Leonardo dressed in rock and roll attire. The figure's design is a nod to the classic 1980s rock music scene and is sure to appeal to fans who appreciate the combination of music and pop culture.

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The Rat King figure is a highly anticipated addition to the TMNT action figure collection. This character is known for his ability to control rats and other vermin, making him a formidable opponent for the TMNT. The figure is expected to be highly detailed and sporting a slightly new look.

Finally, the Ninja April figure is another unique addition to the TMNT action figure line. This figure is a new interpretation of the character April O'Neil, featuring her in a ninja outfit. Fans will definitely talking about this new take on the classic TMNT ally.


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